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Old News - Feb. 23 - Mar. 1, 1998
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Mar. 1, 1998
Quake II Environment Maps

Steve Funkadooda has doped out some techniques for using Bryce to create Quake II environment maps, and has posted information on the subject on QuakeLab 2. Thanks Bluenews


The qED Prefab Park has been redone to cover QOOLE prefabs as too.

Ruination CTF Arena

The first beta of Ruination CTF Arena has been released on the Ruination page. Described as a combination of CTF
and Rocket Arena, Ruination CTF Arena is a Quake II mod featuring two constantly moving (courtesy of a flag carrier
for each team) flags, with each player only gets one life per round. Thanks Bluenews

Level Contest

The Level Contest Is Officially Over, The Levels Will Be Judged By March 5, 1998. The Awards and Prizes Will Be
Given March 6-7. The Winner Gets $15 and a T1 Server Will Run The Winner's Map. I Found A Person That Will Run
The Winning Map. He Is On A T1 At Penn State. The Server Will Run From March 7-11.
Feb 28, 1998
Level Contest

Today Is The Last Day To Submit Levels For The Contest. The Already Submitted Levels Will Be Graded March 5, 1998
The Winner Will Be Announced March 6, 1998. Awards & Prizes Given March 7-9, 1998.

Creative Labs Voodoo 2 Reviews

Tom's Hardware has also reviewed the same card and includes benchmarks.

California Graphics Ultimate Wizard

This GameCenter article talks about California Graphics offering their upcoming 12M Voodoo 2 with TV-out for only $299 (same price as Creative's without TV-out). Thanks Redwood's

Search Engine

The Old News Section Will Be Changing, It Will Be Organized In Blocks Of 7 Days To A Page. There Will Be A Search Engine
On The Old News Main Page. Type In The Info You Want To Search For, And A List Of Pages Will Come Up.
This Feature Should Be Added In 5-7 Days.
Feb 27, 1998

I Created My First .plan File Today, With My First Entry, For Feb. 27,1 998.

Quake II Weapons Info Section

The Quake II Weapons Info Section Is Now Complete Use The Link On The Left Under The Quake II Info Section
In The Links Frame On The Left. There You Can Get Pictures, Info, and More On Your Favorite Weapons.
A Enemy & Items Info Section Will Be Trailing Behind It Soon!!
So Keep On Checking Daily For Either One.

Pure3D Contest

For those people hungry for 3Dfx, there's a contest to win a Canopus Pure3D 3Dfx card over at . Pure3D Central
Thanks Server

Quake2.con now has a CTF server running at

Level Contest

Today & Tommorow Are The Last Before The Contest Ends. So Get Your Levels In.
Rules and Details
Submit Levels Here

Riot: Mobile Armor

Check Out Some Screenshots Of An Awesome Mod That Is Coming Out For Quake II.
Feb 26, 1998

Shaymon Has Submitted Another DM Map Called "War" Get It At The Contest Entries Page.
Rules and Details
Submit Levels Here

Quake2 Server List Updated

Deceide sent along this word about Quake Domain's Quake2 Server List:

    Quake Domain's Quake 2 server list now includes servers from id Software's Quake 2 master. Just set "public 1" and your server will automatically show up in the server list at, as well as in all search engines on the site. Of course server ops should still add their locations at
Feb 25, 1998
Quake II 3.13

I Picked This Up Off Of, Quake II is now at 3.13 and this is an upgrade from 3.12 the pont release.
Quake2 v3.13 FULL DOWNLOAD (9.2 megs)
Get The 3.12-3.13 Upgrade In The Files Section, Or Get The 3.13 Linux Upgrade In The Files Section Too.

Quake2 CTF v1.01

CTF for the new v3.13 was released. Direct Link To id's copy.

Qoole Q2 CTF Entities

A set of Quake II CTF entities for the Qoole level editor are up on Ingenuity.

Level Contest

Shay Mcarty Has Submitted Towers. Check Out Contest Entries Page  To Download It.

South Park

A New TC Called South Park Is Being Made, And There Are Some New Screen Shots Up. Check It Out At
South Park TC Homepage.
Feb 24, 1998
Level Contest

The Level Contest Is Almost Over, So Get Your Maps In By March 1, 1998.
Go Here Rules and Details For All The Rules And Details.
See All The Submitted Levels At The: Contest Entries Page
Submit Levels Here
64 Player Quake II DM Maps
New Mod

There is a new X-Man Mod out. Check It Out Here At Ravages of Apocalypse.
One Disadvantage is it doens't work with Quake II 3.12
Most Mods Wont Work With 3.12 until .ddl source is released.

Q2 DM Tips

Get Some Quake II DM Tips On ZDNet's Gamers Edge - Quake II.

64 Player Quake II DM Maps

id Software Has Released 3 new 64 player DM maps (7.0 MB) Or Get Them Off Their FTP Site.

The maps should be extracted to your \quake2\baseq2\maps directory and they are named as follows;

base64.bsp  - Tim Willits
city64.bsp  - Paul Jaquays
sewer64.bsp - Christian Antkow

You Need At Least 32 MB RAM To Play These Maps.
Play Them On The 64 Player DM Server:

Battle Of The Sexes

A New Mod, This Is The Clostest Thing I Have Seen To TF Yet.
***Warning*** It Only Works With Quake 2 3.10 Not 3.12.
Get The Mod, Maps, And Servers There.

Feb 23, 1998

The Contest Ends In 7 Days, The Levels Will Be Judged On March 5, 1998.
The Awards Will Be Given March 6,7, or 8, 1998.

Quake 2 Servers

There Is A New Page With All The Quake 2 Servers On It. It Is Updated Every 5 Minutes.
Check It Out.

Monster 3d II

There Is A Really Cool Preview Of The Monster 3D II At MeccaWorld.
Check It Out Here:



I Have Been On Vacation Since Feb 16, 1998 And I Haven't Been Able To Update.

The Updates Will Continue Daily From Now On.