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Old News - Mar. 2 - Mar. 10, 1998
3/11/98 3/12/98
Mar. 12, 1998
Level Contest

A new zip file for Kombat03_5 was uploaded this morning. Download and to play Kombat03_5 on the server today.
This new zip file adds some of the textures, I will be adding another zip file of textures to fix the total texture problem.
I will update and add the address to the server this afternoon.
Mar. 11, 1998
Level Contest

Kombat03 decided to stop the compile of the new compile of kombat03_5. I was trying to compiling it for a while, but I took to long so I quit.
The Server Will Be Up With The Old Kombat03_5 map, so If have it just install it and make sure you install the textures correctly. Unzip the textures to
c:\quake2\baseq2\textures\ If anyone wants to attempt the compile e-mail Big Al or Kombat03.
New Quake II Mods

Keys II

Version 1.64 of the Keys mod for Quake II was released at the Keys2 Web Site.

Vanilla CTF

Version 0.5b of Vanilla CTF was released an the Vanilla CTF page, with Quake II 3.14 support and CTF skins and maps.  A Linux verison promised soon.

Ionic Teamplay

Version 1.51 of the Ionic teamplay mod for Quake II was released at the Ionic Q2 Mods page.  A Linux version is promised soon.

Quad Descent Quake

Alpha 0.6 of the Quad Descent Quake II mod was released on Quad Central.