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Old News - Mar. 14 - Mar. 20, 1998
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Mar. 16, 1998
Texture Fix Zip

The Texture Fix Zip Is Coming, It Will Be Uploaded Around 7:00 PM Tonight. So Stop By This Fixes All The Textures On Kombat03_5, Which The Server At: Is Running. So Stop By At 7:00 PM Get The Texture Fix Zip And Kombat03_5 And Go To The Server.

Rogue Mission Pack

Slipgate passed along an email exchange he had with John Carmack about the recent Quake 3 announcement. Amongst the revelations in John's answer is that Rogue's super-secret "I'd tell you but I'd have to kill you" project, is in fact, another authorized Quake II Mission pack. Here are John Carmack's responses:

    Quake 3 will use almost everything planned for trinity's graphics engine.

    A completely new graphics engine with no ties to q1/q2.

    The following game will have improvements on the graphics engine (about like q1-q2), but completely new game logic / networking / sound.

    No comment on release dates.

    The xatrix pack is due out reasonably soon.

    Rogue is also doing a Q2 mission pack.      Thanks Bluesnews

Quake II Mods

Mar. 15, 1998

The Server Is Up and Running at: You Will Need The Map Kombat03_5, Which You Can Get Here.
I Am Adding A Texture Fix Zip Tommorow So Stop By Again Tommorow.

Quake II Mods

Highscore CTF
CTF Highscore beta 0.29 was released on the Highscore Q2 Patch page. This version of the server patch adds CTF 1.02 support.

Battle Of The Sexes
Version 2.8.2 of Battle Of The Sexes has been released on the Spinoza Quake 2 Mods Page. This Version has support for Quake II 3.14 and Visible Weapons Patch.. You Can Get A Gamespy Tab For Battle of the Sexes Here.

CTF On Regular Maps
EAVY, the CrackHore enhancer, has released a mod the allow you to play Quake II CTF .102 on all the Quake II maps, e.g. base1. Get it all on theThe Handy-Team Clan downloads page.


I Have Redone The Files Section, So Now All The Files Line-Up. I also update it daily.

Quake II Deathmatch Guide

GameSpot's CGW Quake II Deathmatch Guide by Elliot Chin and Vik Long is online. Thanks Blusnews.

Quake TV

The ClanRing is hoping to get a healthy turnout of spectators for tonight's Big12 League match between ClanGib and Clan Kapitol to try and stress test the Quake TV system that allows live spectating. The hub of this operation is IRC #clanring on EFNET, and the game starts at 10:00 PM Eastern with enough QTV hubs for at least 900, as well as scorebots and an IRC channel for cheering. This Sounds Real Interesting.
Mar. 14, 1998
Quake II Textures

If You Are Trying To Make Custom Textures For Quake II. Get Wally. Wally Lets You Import BMP Or PCX Files. Edit Them And Save Them As .wal format. Or Create textures from scratch.

Quake II Demo

Here is a short clip from Disruptor's .plan.

    Also, for those of you who perhaps haven't purchased Quake II yet and want to try out the first part of the game, we've released the Demo at; (40 megs)

    This demo includes deathmatch and co-op play along with the single player game experience.

Voodoo 2

New Voodoo2 Reference Drivers from 3Dfx have been released. This File Is 1.5 MB.

Quake II Mod Releases

Quake III

A Short Clip From John Carmacks .plan about Quake III.

    Expand the mission pack into a complete game, and merge together a completely new graphics engine with the quake 2 game / client / server framework, giving us Quake 3.