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Old News - Mar. 2 - Mar. 10, 1998
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Mar. 10, 1998
Level Contest

I Am Very Sorry About The Map Contest And The Server Delay. I Am Compiling The New Compile Of Kombat03_5. I Am Done With QBSP And ½ Done With QVIS As Of This Update. The Server Will Be Up Tommorow.

Search Engine

The Search Engine For Searching Through The Old News Section Has Been Temporarely Put On Hold Till I Find A CGI Capable Server To Store The Perl Script. If You Are Interested In Storing This Script And Have A CGI Capable Server With A CGI-BIN Dir OR Know Someone With One. E-mail Big Al

Quake II Mods


Telefragged has added a mster server (with instructions to add your server), and male and female skin packs.
Mar.  9, 1998

There Is A TF 2 Class List At ozTF. Check It Out.

New Map !!!!

Before You You Play On The Server Today You Will Have To Download The Newest Compile Of Kombat03_5.
I Will Upload It Today After I Get It This Afternoon.

Gone !!!

Sorry, I Have Been Gone For Two Days, I Was Celebrating My B-Day And Installing More R.A.M.

The Server Will Continue As Usual, Most Likely From March 10 - 13, 1998. I Will Add The Address Today.
Mar. 6, 1998
Contest Winner !!!!

I have setup a table to show who won and what they scored on each section.
Name: Rank: Texturing: Design: Unique:
Kombat03_5 #1 9/10 10/10 9/10
Kombat03_2 #2 8/10 9/10 8/10
qdc][sg #5 7/10 8/10 7/10
Kombat03 #6 8/10 8/10 9/10
fmdm1 #7 8/10 7/10 7/10
fmdm1-ctf #8 8/10 9/10 10/10
war #9 6/10 7/10 7/10
chaos #10 7/10 7/10 7/10
Kombat03_3 #11 6/10 7/10 6/10
towers #12 5/10 8/10 7/10
mtnlab #13 5/10 4/10 7/10
Kombat03_4 #14 6/10 5/10 8/10
refinery #15 5/10 4/10 4/10
Thank You For Submitting Out Of 15 Out of 10 Out of 10 Out Of 10
Kombat03 with his map Kombat03_5 won. You can download it in the Contest Levels Page.

Thanks To All The Others Who Submitted, Better Luck Next Time.

Kombat03: Hey Kombat Congrats, If you stop by tonight or tommorow e-mail about where to send the prize.


There Will Be A Cable Modem Running Kombat03_5 From March 7 - 11, 1998. I will add the address tommorow as early as possible.
From March 16 - 20 There Will Be A T1 Server Running Kombat03_5.

Level Editing

    I do some level editing, so I would just like to say a few things. I was looking around yesterday for stuff. First If you
    are looking for prefabs look below. If you need help on level editing look below. Or need some better compiling utils.

    For the best and latest prefabs check out the Quake 2 Prefab Park.
    The best prefab artist I have seen yet is Arzknight. His Prefabs are also stored at Quake 2 Prefab Park.

    Level Editing Help

    Check Out Rust the best level editing help site. With tutorials on almost every entity.

    Compiling Utils

    Z at Zanshin's GLDojo has modified the QBSP2, QVIS3, and QRAD3 so they preform better on a PPRO/PII Processor.

Level Contest

The Winning Map Will Be Announced Today Around 7:00 PM CST. So Stop By To See Who The Winner Is.
Mar 5, 1998

    Quake 3.14

    The Quake II 3.14 game .dll source was released on or Blue has gracioulsy hosted a copy.

    Quake II CTF

    Zoid's Capture The Flag Quake II CTF v. 1.02 source was released on
    Win 95 Installer
    Linux Installer.

Fields of War
Version 0.6 of Fields of War, a Quake II Total Conversion, has been released on the Field of War homepage. FoW is a teamplay variant described as a less-complex homage to TeamFortress, featuring multiple goals and classes. Thanks Bluenews

Mar. 4, 1998
Mission Pack

Here is a picture of the coming Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning.

New Qtracker

Version 2.01 of Qtracker was released on the Qtracker Homepage.

CTF Tournament

Capture 98 is a Quake II CTF tournament currently being organized, hoping to launch in the Spring. Thanks Bluenews

Quake II 3.13 Mods:

    Rocket Arena Server

    Rocket Arena version 2.098 server was released on the Rocket Arena page. With Quake II 3.14 Support Too.
    Quake II PowerBall

    PowerBall for Quake II has been released on the PowerBall page.

Eraser Bot

 Version 0.7 of the Eraser Bot has a Win95 Installer (1.1 MB), and a zip file (1.0 MB).


Version 0.99e of the C.R.Bot,Quake II 3.13 compatible was released on the C.R.Bot Page .
Mar. 3, 1998
Quake II 3.14 & CTF 1.02 Released

Id Software Has Uploaded Quake II 3.14 and CTF 1.02 To There FTP Site in the Quake II Section. The Quake II
3.14 File Has been Released as a win 95 upgrade Installer (533K), a linux binary (872K), and DEC-Alpha Binary (897K).
CTF Has Been Released as the following files. Win 95 Full Installer (6.8MB), Full Zipped File (5.3MB), and a zipped upgrade (270k).
If you have trouble getting into, just keep hitting reload on your browser until you get a connetion.
Mar. 2, 1998
Battle of the Sexes

Version 2.7.4 of the Battle of the Sexes Quake II mod has been released on Spinoza's Quake 2 Mods Page. This Version
Has Early Quake II 3.13 Support.

Quake II 3.13 Mod Support

The current support for Quake II 3.13 in Battle of the Sexes is offered utilizing a technique posted on Inside3D, which
is a more significant hack than simply iterating the API Version from 2 to 3, so mod authors looking for a temporary
workaround to upgrade until the game source is made available may want to check it out. Thanks Bluesnews

New Lithium

Version 0.90 of the Lithium mod for Quake II has been released on the Lithium Quake II Mod page.
With Quake II 3.13 Support and Ping Command.


Version 1.5 of QuakeFinder, the Quake server browser for the Macintosh, has been released on the QuakeFinder page, featuring a load of enhancements and bug fixes. Thanks Bluesnews

OS/2 Quake II

Get some info on the OS/2 Win 32 Project Page on how to get Quake II running under OS/2.


Version 1.1 of BSP2WRL2 has been released. This program converts Quake 2 BSP file to wrl VRML files.
Get it on the BSP2WRL Page.


The T1 Server I tested on Feb. 28, 1998 can not run from March 7-11, but he can run it March 16-20.
I also tested a very fast cable server, I got better ping on it then the T1, will be running the winning map
March 7-11.