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Old News - Mar. 31 - Apr. 6, 1998
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Apr. 6, 1998
Clan Match-Up

(1) I Have Added 7 More Clans To The Clan Match-Up Database. I Have Been Kinda Behind On That. Sorry. Any Clans That Have Been Added In The Last Week Will Be E-mailed With Your Opponent.

(2) We Need Some More Servers For The Tournaments Coming Up. Also If You Are Interested In Helping Set-up The Tournaments E-mail Big Al.

(3) I Have Been Getting E-mail About Adding LMCTF As A Clan Type Selection, If You Like This E-mail Big Al Also BotS (Battle Of The Sexes) For A Selection.


Two Things:

(1) I Am Sorry For Not Updating Yesterday Night. Again A Lack Of Time.

(2) I Might Not Update For A Few Days, I Don't No For Sure. Just E-mail Me At: because I can access that from anywhere.

Quake II Mods:

Gamespy 2.0 beta (for registered users only) is out.  Pick it up here. Sorry I Was A Little Late On This One, Ohh Well. You Probably Already Say This On Blue's Or Redwoods. Thanks Ysalamiri
Word is that the next version of HexenWorld will be up Monday. Thanks Ysalamiri

Iraqi Assault

The Team Recoil site is now officially up at Our first mod is called Iraqi Assault and is
a teamplay mod that is a combination of CTK(capture the keycard) and assasination of the opposing teams president. It allows you to be President
Clinton, Sadam Hussein, an assasin, or a regular soldier. Please head on over to our page to learn more and to give us your comments/suggestions/criticisms. This is a cool mod go check it out.

Quake II War Zone CTF 2 Update

The Quake II Warzone Has Been Moved To Tazone, And A New Version Is Out. This New Version Has Many Upgrade And Bug Fixes. Probably The Biggest Of All Is A Freeze Gun. The Class Names Have Been Renamed.

Quake II Sites

Apr. 5, 1998
Quake II Hosting

If You Are Looking For Fast, Reliable, And Effective Hosting Stop By And Give Them A E-mail.
This Place Has Got It All.

Quake II War Zone CTF2

I Have Some Bad News About War Zone CTF 2, They Have Been Unhosted By But They Temp Moved To Xoom. But Tazone Is Going To Host Them Again. I Am Going To Set-Up A Mirror Site To Download The Upcoming Version Of This Mod. War Zone CTF 2 Was Unhosted Because Of The Likeness To TF.


There Will Be Another Update Later Today. Because Of The Lack Of Time.

Apr. 4, 1998
Clan Match-Up

    Upcoming Clan Matches

    I Received An E-mail Today About A Upcoming Clan Match, Here Is What It Read:

      The Brotherhood of Steel [BoS] is playing Clan Gibbles and Bits [GnB]
        tommorrow, 7 pm EST in a CTF match. I match will take place on ShredCo.'s
        server (I don't want to release an IP address, because it is a closed
        match). I'll let you know the winner once the best 2 out of 3 match is

        Razrez [BoS]

    Clan Match Results

    I Received Another Clan Match-Up Related E-mail Regarding A Clan Match Results Here It What It Said:

       hey big daddy!,.....this is hughgo from clan Anguish_sound_  we just
        finished our clan match against Ameth,  and we won if you want to see screen
        shots of the event go ahead and check my site
        thanks man

Congratulations To Clan Anguish Sound On The Defeat Over Clan Ameth.

War Zone CTF2

Version 1.08 Beta Of The Awesome Mod Is Out. This Mod Features 10 Classes, Jetpack, Proximity Mines, Zoom-in Sniper Scope And Lots More. I Have Set-Up A Mirror Site To Download This Mod. Get It Here. To Get More Info And Updates Go The War Zone CTF 2 Page.

Quake II Mods:

Action Quake2
    Version 0.82 of the Action Quake2 Mod has been released, a mod for Quake II based on action movies.
PureDM for Quake II
    Version 4.0 of the PureDM Quake2 Mod is out, offering IP banning, Level time remaining on the HUD, Flood protection, IP logging,
    VWep support, GibStats standard frag logging, and more. Thanks Blues
Quake Scene Builder
    Version 1.5 of the Quake Scene Builder is out.
Star Troopers for Quake II
    Version 0.25 of the Star Troopers Mod for Quake II is out, featuring class based teamplay (familiar classes like engineer & medic), on any
    current CTF map you can find, VWep support, and stuff like that there. Thanks Blues
    Version 1.6a of the GibStats II Quake II analysis tool is out, fixing a bug in the start-up sequence in version 1.6. Thanks Blues
ServerConfigMOD 2
    Beta 2.1 of the deathmatch version of ServerConfigMOD 2 for Quake II was released.

Apr. 3, 1998
Quake Maps, Cheats, And Quake II Info

Sadly, I Am Taking Out The Quake Maps, Cheats, And Info Sections. They Are Not Very Well Put Together And Just Lessen The Site. If You Would Like These Sections To Stay Please E-mail Big Al.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)
Just Kiddin' Just Had To Through The () In There.

    Quake III

    On Planet Quake there is  another Quake III FAQ starting up.

    Official Hexen II

    Version 1.75 of the Official Hexen II FAQ up on HexenWorld containing new info about HexenWorld and the Portal of Praevus mission pack.

    Voodoo 2

    Larry Moody's Updated Voodoo 2 Game FAQ.

    Heretic 2

    Unofficial Heretic 2 FAQ on Heretic II News is it up to version .005.

Video Cards, And Stuff

    CL Voodoo2 Bundle

    Creative Labs' has announced their 3D Blaster Voodoo2 12MB/8MB software bundle on their European site . Word from a Creative
    Labs US ENET post is they will also offer the bundle to US customers and will annouce the details on the web Monday. Thanks Blues

    Stealth II S220 Drivers

    Version: of the drivers for the Diamond Stealth II S200 are up on the Diamond Stealth II S220 Drivers page.  Thanks Blues

    3D Card Focus

    Voodoo Extreme has a concise look at specs of three upcoming 3D cards that are vying for your Dollars,  the PVRNG, the MGA-G200,
    and the RIVA TNT.

No Update

Sorry About Not Updating For a Few Days. If Have Been Away. I Am Back And In Full Swing.

.plan File Fixes

I Got A E-mail About The Colors Of Big Al's .plan. So I Changed The Colors To A Brighter Color Scheme So Mac Viewers Could See It Better. If You Are A Mac And There Are Any Other Colors That Need Some Fixing Please E-mail Big Al.


I Have Been Getting Some E-mail Lately About The Tourney. The DM & CTF Tournaments Are Going To Be Held In A Few Weeks. If You Are Interested In Helping Out With The Tournaments Please E-mail Me Which Tourney You Would Like To Help And What You Wanna Help With, If You Don't Know Just E-mail Big Al And I Will Find Something. I Only Need About 3-5 People So The First E-mails Will Get The Job. I Will Announce When The Postions Are Full.

Quake II War Zone CTF2

I Brought You An News Clip About This New Mod A Few Days Ago. There Is An Update On The War Zone CTF2 Mod Created By My Friend Kombat03. He Is Looking For A Skinner And A Modeler To Do Some Work For Him E-mail Him Here. The Quake II War Zone CTF2 Web Site Has Relocated To Check Out This Page For Any Further Details On This Mod.

Quake II Top 100

Damn, The Quake II Top 100 Started Over. So Just Click That Button Or Click Here To Get Me Back In The Top Ten.
Thanks Big Al

Half-Life Release Date
I Noticed This Over At Blue's, Half-Life release date on Sierra On-Line's website has been changed from April to early June.

Display Doctor
Version 6.51 of SciTech Display Doctor has been released.

Quake II Mods

Quake II Sites
Apr. 1, 1998
Visitor 7000

Craig J. Dudle Was Very Nice To E-mail Me Telling Me He Was Visitor 7000. He Also Sent Along A Screen Shot Here It Is:


If Have Been Getting Alot Of E-mails About The Tournament. i.e. "When Are We Going To Fight So And So??"
Well The Tournament Won't Start Until The Third Or Fourth Week In April. We Still Need Enough Clans And Servers. If Your Clan Has A Server That We Could Use During The Tournament E-mail Big Al.


If Anyone Is Interested In Coding A CGI Script For The Clan Match-Up Please E-mail Big Al.

Quake II Mods

Lithium II
Version 0.96 of Lithium II is out, adding IP banning.
Atlas Phase 1
Version 1.05 of Atlas Phase 1 has been released, fixing a few bugs.
Bot Front-ends
A few of these: Version 1.9 of the Eraser Front-end is up on the Industry News page, adding a manual command line feature, as well as a few bug-fixes. Version 1.5.5b of the Hot Launch bot launcher is out. Thanks Bluesnews

Rather Major TeamFortress 2 News

Our friend and mailbag director, Paubo, recently exchanged an email or two with the team behind TeamFortress 2. The recent license agreement that was bundled with the Quake2 v3.14 source code has raised several questions about the status of TF2 since it will be a commercial product, considering the license agreement does not allow the source to be modified and sold as a commercial product. Paubo contacted the TF2 team regarding their situation and was told that if the TF2 team is unable to obtain a license from id software, they may not use the Quake2 engine for TeamFortress 2! Thanks

Mar. 31, 1998
Top 100

Thanks To All The Wonderful People Out There That Have Visisted My Web Site And Clicked The Quake II Top 100 Banner Above.
I Have Moved From 70th To 10th In Once Day. Just Keep On Clicking That Banner.

Quake II Mods

Heretic II

The unofficial Heretic II FAQ is up to version .004, now at its new home at TeleFragged.

Two more new Heretic II screenshots are out on GameSlice.

Brian Pelletier made a lengthy .plan update answering several more questions concerning Heretic2. Here is part of it:

    Why the name:
    The story of Heretic 2 directly follows the events in Heretic. The reason Hexen wasn't named Heretic 2 was because the story didn't directly follow Heretic. Heretic, Hexen
    and Hexen  2 followed the story of the 3 Serpent Riders. Hexen took place 1000 years(or so) after Heretic and on an all together different world.

    Heretic 2 now goes back to tell the tale of what happened to our hero after he defeated D'Sparil. And bring you back to reintorduce you to the world of Heretic. Heretic 2
    seemed to be the name that fit the best.

    How the game came to be:
    Steve Raffel (one of Raven's founders) Came up with the idea to do Heretic 2 a couple years ago. And to do it from a 3rd PP. This was before Tomb Raider
    came out. Steve and I played around with the idea of bringing you back to the Heretic world and really making it a believable world that our character has his quest in.
    We wanted to do it 3PP because that would make it a challange for us. We are creative people here at Raven and because of that we like to challange ourselves creatively.
    This job would bet real boring if every game we made was a FPS. So what we wanted to do was try something new and give the gamer a new playing experience. So we
    got the OK to do the game and I was given the lead to take to completion.  Thanks sCary's


SiN news from Ritual Entertainment seems to be the flavor of the week. Check out part of this post from Beau Anderson on the HardCorps messageboard:

    The truth is, nobody but we here at Ritual knows what Sin looks like at this moment. All the screenshots and monsters you have seen up until
    this point are old news as we have re-done most all of the monsters and weapons, re-vamped our skinning method, and the lighting model in the
    levels has changed drastically. Not to mention the special efects we have put in since receiving the Q2 code. Localized pain and damage is very
    cool, and has a lot of cool side affects that will push gameplay beyond what people now know. Can you imagine the ability to use the sniper rifle
    to zoom in on a guys left eye and shoot it out? That technology is in. Thanks sCary's

Reviews, Previews, And Interviews
Just Your Daily Does Of  *views.

Q2 Sites