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Thank You For Visiting Big Al's Kick Ass Quake II News, And Reading My .plan.

Name: Big Al
Job: Webmaster
Last Update: Apr. 10,1998 1:22 PM Central Standard Time
Clan: TheCore
Clan Name: DViper450[TheCore]
Icq: 3969599

Apr. 10, 1998

Big Al's Kick Ass Quake II News Will Be Moving To With-in 48 Hours. This New Location Will Offer Faster, More Reliable Hosting. I Will Get Unlimited Web Space, CGI, And More. Just Wanted To Pass That Along.

Apr. 3, 1998

First Of All I Would Like To Wish My Dad A Happy Birthday. It Is His B-Day Today.
Second, Some Stuff Regarding The Tourneys. The Tourneys Will Be DM & CTF. They Will Be Held In A Few Weeks.

Mar. 23, 1998

The Clan Match-Up Is Up And Running After Being Goon For 5 Days. Today 34 Clans Were Added And There will Be 16 Clan Matches Because Of It. All The Clans Have To Accept Each Other.

The Server At: Is Now Down.

Mar. 16, 1998


The Map Is Totally Over Accept For The Server, The Server At: Is Running Kombat03_5, Which Is The Winning Map. Check It Out.

Clan Match-Up

The New Section Clan Match-Up Is A Free Service. Just Follow The Simple Steps. Register Your Clan For Free By Simply Filling Out The Form, Then Send It In By Pressing Submit. Your Clan Will Be Added To That Page Under The Registered Clan Column, You Will Be E-mailed If There Is A Clan That Registers That Fits The Requirments That You Submitted, Under The Clan You Would Like To Face Part. Your Clan And The Clan You Are Going To Fight Will Be Added Under The Upcoming Clan Matches Section, For Other People And Clans To See.

Mar. 9, 1998


The Map Contest Was A Success, The Winner Kombat03 Has Recompiled His Map, And The Server Is Going To Run From March 9 - 13.
About The Search Engine - I Am Still Working On The Search Engine, I Have To Find A Place To Store The CGI.

I Just Upgraded My Computer Yesterday, I Added 64 MB RAM, Now I Have 112 MB RAM.

Feb 28, 1998

New Search Engine

I Will Be Adding A CGI Script, That Is a Search Engine To Search Through The Old News, Instead Of Browsing For A Ceratin Thing.
This Feature Will Be Added In 5-7 Days. The Old News Section Will Be Organized Differently. Arranged By Dates, In Blocks Of 7 Days.
The Main Old News Page Will Have A Table Of All The Articles And A Search Engine Form.

Feb. 27, 1998

This Is My First .plan, So Be Patient. First To Start Out With A Little Info On Me. I Am From St. Paul, MN. My Real Name Is Alex Behrens, That's How I Got Big Al.
I Started Big Al's Kick Ass Quake II News In December Of 1997. This Is My First Major Web Site. I Have Had Other Pages Like, Dodge Vipers, Star Wars, My Personal Pages.
I Love Computers, Cars, and Basketball.
I Have A HP P2-266mhz, 48 MB Ram, 24x CD, 17", 6 gig HD, 56K Modem. I Am Currently Using Windows 98 Beta 3 4.10.1650
My Computer Really Kicks Ass For The Stuff I do. I Love It.
I Will Update My .plan At Least 3 Times A Week

Today I Finished The Quake II Weapons Info Section. The Quake II Enemies & Items Info Sections Will Be Completed Soon.
I Would Like To Thank Salty (Sean Johnson, ICQ # 5623487) On ICQ For Doing The Logo.