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Quake II Cheat Codes
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Code What It Does
give all Gives all weapons and ammo, plus additional Items such as keys etc.
give adrenaline Gives you Adrenaline
give airstrike marker Gives you Airstrike Marker 1
give ammo pack Gives you the Ammo Pack
give ancient head Gives you the Ancient Head
give armor shard Gives you Armor Shard
give bandolier Gives you Bandolier
give bfg10k Gives you the BFG10K
give blaster  Gives you the Hyperblaster
give blue key Gives you the Blue Key
give bullets Gives you Bullets
give cells Gives you Cells
give chaingun  Gives you the Chain Gun
give combat armor Gives you Combat Armor
give commander's head Gives you the Commander's Head
give data cd  Gives you the Data CD
give data spinner  Gives you the Data Spinner
give environment suit  Gives you the Enviorment Suit
give grenade launcher Gives you the Grenade Launcher
give grenades  Gives you Hand Grenades
give invulnerability Gives you Invulnerability
give jacket armor
give body armor
Gives you Jacket Armor
Give you Body Armor, Better Then Jacket Armor
give machinegun  Gives you the Machine Gun
give power cube Gives you the Power Cube
give power shield Gives you the Power Shield
give pyramid key  Gives you the Pyramid Key
give quad damage  Gives you Quad Damage
give railgun Gives you the Railgun
give rebreather  Gives you the Rebreather
give red key Gives you the Red Key
give rocket launcher  Gives you the Rocket Launcher
give rockets Gives you Rockets
give security pass Gives you the Security Pass
give silencer  Gives you the Silencer
give shells  Gives you Shells
give shotgun Gives you the Shotgun
give slugs Gives you Slugs
give super shotgun Gives you the Super Shotgun
god Makes you Invincible
noclip Allows you to walk through walls and beyond
notarget Disables Monster's targeting untill you fire at them.
give body armor                               Give Body Armor, like give jacket armor but better