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Last Update: Sat. Apr. 11, 1998 12:50 AM CST
Quake Finger Updates
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Apr. 11, 1998

The New Address At Has Been Confirmed, The New Address Will Be, right now there is just a page that says Boo! But This Afternoon It Will Be In Place.

Quake II Mods

    Recon Wars

    Two New Version Have Been Released For Recon Wars, Version 2.02 Beta Client And Verison 1.92 Server-Only Patch.

    Rocket Arena 2

    The new Rocket Arena 2 client and server have both been released on the Rocket Arena page. The server ZIP
    includes files for Win32, Linux, and Sun Solaris. Servers will need the client files. Beware the client file is 12.6 MB.

Apr. 10, 1998

Big Al's Kick Ass Quake II News Will Be Moving To Within A Few Days. So Check Back In A Day Or So For The New Link.

.plan Update.

Big Al Updated His .plan Today. Talking About The Site Move.


A Few More Things Concerning The Tournaments:

1) The First Tournament Will Be Held Of May 1st. DM Will Be First.

2) There Will Be Four (4) Tournaments, 2 DM And 2 CTF. Each Tournament Will Be 32 Clans. Min Of
    5 Players Per Clan.

3) Dr. Jones Is Helping My Out With The Tournament. He Will Be Doing To Emailing Of Clans, And Setting
    Up The Matches. Who Fights Who, That Sort Of Junk. (Someone Has To Do It)

4) We Are In Real Bad Need Of Servers. If Your Clan Has A Server E-Mail Dr. Jones.

New Link Logo

Big Al Has Designed A New Logo For The Site Links Menu On The Left.

SiN Update
A Few Words From Grue's .plan update:

    Things have come together nicely on the art side of Sin, and the fine tuning has begun. All the screenshots
    we have released can be considered old news, as we have re-done just about every model -- including
    weapons, as we have made the switch to the Q2 code. We finally have a texture mapping method we are
    happy with. The lighting model has also changed drastically and things look so much better. Visible
    weapons in deathmatch rocks - there's nothing like the chill that goes through you when you see a guy
    sizing you up from long range with a massive gun. Visible weapons isn't as easy as it sounds, you have to
    account for every weapon type in every run, walk, fire, crouchfire, swim, swimfire, etc. Blade can shoot
    rifle style, big gun style, and pistol style. It adds up to a lot of animating

Quake II Mods

Map Editing


    Version 2.36 Of WinQoole And GLQoole Have Been Released On The Qoole Test Page.


    MacQuake 1.09
    MacQuake 1.09 is reviewed on

    Righteous 3D II
    PsychoNews reviews the Voodoo2, taking a look at the 12MB Righteous 3D II.

Apr. 9, 1998
News Crew

I Joined The News Crew Over At today. I am just doing small updates daily. So check it out and see my updates.

Quake II Top 100

The People Over At Quake II Top 100 Restarted The Thingy Again, So Can You Help Me Get Back Up In The Top Ten Again. Just Click Here Or Click The Quake II Top 100 Banner At The Top.


A Couple Of Things:

    1) The Dates Will Probably Be The 1st Of May For The DM Tournaments, But I Am Not Sure.

    2) We Need Some More Servers, If You Have A Server Or Your Clan Has A Server Drop Us A Line At:

    3) We Still Need Some More Clans. For Sure We Need 64 Clans, But I Would Like 128 In The Tournament. Because We Will
        Have 2 32 Tournaments For Each Category. So 2 32 Clan DM Tournaments And 2 32 Clan CTF Tournament.

    4) What Kind Of CTF Are We Going To Play?? LMCTF Or Three Wave, Or Both. Send Us Some Mail With Your

SGI sues nVida!

SGI wants an injunction against the RIVA-family video accelerators(the only read competition to the Voodoo family of accelerators).

The suit alleges the RIVAs infringe upon SGI's U.S. Patent No. 5,706,481 for an innovation "that has made high-speed texture mapping possible in low-priced hardware."  Thanks Ysalamiri

John Carmack's Quake 3 Update

Say This On Blue's Today. John Carmack's .plan gives the lowdown on two ends of the id gaming spectrum, giving up the latest on Quake 3, as well as his impressions on the state of the Doom source release:

    Things are progressing reasonably well on the Quake 3 engine.

    Not being limited to supporting a 320*240 256 color screen is very, very nice, and will make everyone's lives a lot easier.

    All of our new source artwork is being done in 24 bit TGA files, but the engine will continue to load .wal files and .pcx files for developer's convenience. Each pcx can have its
    own palette now though, because it is just converted to 24 bit at load time.

    Q3 is going to have a fixed virtual screen coordinate system, independant of resolution. I tried that back in the original glquake, but the fixed coordinate system was only
    320*200, which was excessively low. Q2 went with a dynamic layout at different resolutions, which was a pain, and won't scale to the high resolutions that very fast cards
    will be capable of running at next year.

    All screen drawing is now done assuming the screen is 640*480, and everything is just scaled as you go higher or lower. This makes laying out status bars and HUDs a ton
    easier, and will let us do a lot cooler looking screens.

    There will be an interface to let game dlls draw whatever they want on the screen, precisely where they want it. You can suck up a lot of network bandwidth doing that though,
    so some care will be needed.


    Going to the completely opposite end of the hardware spectrum from quake 3...

    I have been very pleased with the fallout from the release of the DOOM source code.

    At any given spot in design space, there are different paths you can take to move forward. I have usually chosen to try to make a large step to a completely new area, but the
    temptation is there to just clean up and improve in the same area, continuously polishing the same program.

    I am enjoying seeing several groups pouring over DOOM, fixing it up and enhancing it. Cleaning up long standing bugs. Removing internal limitations. Orthogonalizing feature
    sets. Etc.

    The two that I have been following closest are Team TNT's BOOM engine project, which is a clear headed, well engineered improvement on the basic DOOM technical
    decisions, and Bruce Lewis' glDoom project.

    Any quakers feeling nostalgic should browse around:

Quake II Mods


Graphic Cards and Stuff

Quake II Sites  
Apr. 8, 1998
Quake II Mods

The Quake2-LaunchPad is a new Quake II front-end offering support for Threewave CTF, Superheroes II and King of the Hill games in addition to single-player DM and co-op. Thanks Blue's News
Newer ServerConfigMOD 2
Beta 3 of deathmatch 2.1 of ServerConfigMOD 2 is out
Quake 2 Camera
A test page is up gauging interest in Quake2 Camera, a Quake II update to QCam, a chase cam. Thanks Blue's News


I recived this E-mail today, requesting a challenge here is what it reads:

 My name's Brutal & I'd like to challenge you to a match. If you would be so kind as to name your terms, time, & place, we can commence to fraggin.
 Look foreward to hearing from you soon,

Iraqi Assualt

I this Recived A Screenshot In My E-mail Today Of Iraqi Assualt.

Thanks Aaron Benzick
Click For Larger Image


Version 1.09 of MacQuake can be found on the WizWorks support pages.



        Rex worked hard on the spec ops feature  Thanks JT Of Gamestats

    Journeyman Project

        I RAVE over the Journeyman project game.. Absolutly loved it.
        Its also VERY appropriate for kids and is not gorry at all.
        Makes ya think. It is at :  Thanks JT Of Gamestats

    Cyberman 2

        And if youre really low on news I have a cyberman2 hardware review..  Thanks JT Of Gamestats

    Heretic II

        Heretic II preview up on AVault.


        PC Gamer's Outwars preview is about Microsoft's third-person jetpack game, supposed to be as fun as upcoming shooters like Half-Life, Sin,
        Unreal, and the first Quake II mission pack.

    Righteous 3D II

        Review on GamePen about the Righteous 3D II, Orchid's Voodoo2 offering.

Quake II Sites

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